Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scream the Sailing Ships

I could have proselytized on Kant for that hipster girl who brought her bike to the party, but I ended up getting stupid drunk and playing Magic the Gathering with some kid. I lost, but it wasn't my deck so fuck.
And I said some things I didn't mean to someone meaning never mattered to anyway, but she's dead now, or she moved I don't remember.
I was beautiful once. The kind of beautiful that made girls fuck me and feed me. I had this way of leaving it unsaid that if they continued fucking me and feeding me, I would write a novel about them someday. Maybe I will yet, but I think its been done.
I'm attracted to foreign currency. And if you ask me the value and meaning of soap, I will fall in love with you, albeit briefly. I get turned on when celebrities die. I enjoy awkward goodbyes. My personal record is jerking off 11 times in one day, it remains unbroken since spring break my freshman year in high school. I prefer spinach to lettuce. I prefer Sarte to Camus, but this changes upon the density and color of the clouds. I prefer Dostoevsky to Tolstoy in any weather.  
Tell me of yourself. I like to listen. Don't tell me of your likes and dislikes or of things that happened to you or people you know or things you have done or places you've seen. I mean, that's all fine, keeping it simple is more fine however.
Don't write about love like it's something you're waiting for. Write about love like you'd write about surviving a meteor impact. Cataclysm beats ennui every time. Watch bad art flicks and own Zen Arcade by Husker Du on vinyl. Tell me about the day your dog died.
I find cynics to be the true romantics. Smoke cigarettes and don't say that you're thinking about quitting. At some point, bring your copy of the Necronomicon to a cemetery and try to summon a demon. Understand why bees are so important and also why lillies trump roses. Skip water color and paint with oils.

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